Horoscope Cancer June 2016

The planets are now in a cusp situation between the upper and lower halves of your Horoscope. Like the twilight which has the qualities of both light and darkness – but is of itself neither – so your life is a mixture of outward and inner achievement, one merging into the other. But the trend is towards emotional and family issues – this will become more established in the next few months.
Most of the planets are firmly in the East, and the ones in the West are mostly retrograde. Let go of concerns about social acceptance, popularity and other people’s opinions. The opinion that counts now is your own. Your perspective is the correct one for you at the present. Build your own life now with craftsmanship and wisdom.
The main interests this month are friendships, group activities, organizations, social causes, spirituality, the body, image and finances.
Jupiter makes an important move into your 11th House at the end of the month. Since Jupiter is a long-term planet, any change it makes is worthy of note. New and important friendships are being made now, but you can’t be indiscriminate, you need to filter out the good from the less good. Astrology gives us two simple tests for true friendship: A friend is someone who desires that your own fondest hopes and wishes will come to pass, and is someone willing to aid in that process. Personality issues are of little importance – it is normal for friends to have different temperaments, styles, tastes and emotional hot buttons. Part of friendship is being able to transcend these differences for a larger purpose.
You are engaging more in group activities and joining more organizations. Your status in a professional or social
organization increases. Health and labour organizations seem the most favoured.
Your dream life is unusually active until the 21st; ESP experiences are increased. The Moon of the 15th is going to give you the keys to interpreting and understanding your visions. This is a good month for reviewing the past year and setting goals for the new cycle which begins on your birthday.
Your health is wonderful all month. Your physical image shines. Your sex appeal is strong. Your self-esteem and self- confidence are healthy.
Money comes through friends and family members. Your personal image plays an unusual role in earnings. You are dressing for success, investing in clothing and the right image, adopting the image of wealth. In many cases, though not always, adopting the image of wealth helps a person to feel wealthy. If this is so for you – and it looks like it is – by all means do this.

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