Horoscope Cancer October 2016

The Western, social sector of your chart overwhelmingly dominates the Eastern sector during this period. This is the trend for the next few months. Thus, hone your social skills, avoid power struggles and seek to get your way through charm and consensus. There’s not much freedom now to create perfect conditions; you must adapt to existing conditions. Sun and Mercury in the Sign of Libra are helping you now, as the general attitude in the world is one of harmony and consensus. Thus the world trends reward your efforts.
The upper and lower halves of your chart are about equal in power, so your focus will shift between career and family issues. Both areas are equally important.
The Moon of the 9th emphasizes family concerns and brings all the information you need to make good decisions here. The Moon of the 24th gives you extra energy to achieve your social and organizational goals.
The important areas of interest this month are home, family, domestic interests, children, creativity, love affairs, amusement, work, health and making money for others.
Rest and relax more until the 23rd. After that your vitality resurfaces with a vengeance. Jupiter, your Health Planet, retrogrades back into Aries this month, suggesting caution when it comes to new therapies or miracle regimes. Study them more carefully – things are not what they seem.
Mars moves into your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities, stirring the pot and making things more passionate. You become more aggressive in love, going after what you want boldly and without fear. In fact, the lesson of the month is the conquest of social fear and timidity. On the other hand this can get overdone – social fearlessness doesn’t mean barbaric, caveman-type behaviour. Launch a charm offensive. Back off if the response on the other end is negative. There could be a power struggle in a current relationship. But the fights are short term and the make-ups are passionate. There is much socializing with superiors, elders and those above you in status. Singles want someone who can help their career – help them get on in the world. Career is fostered by social means. Powerful friends come into the picture and bolster your career.
Finances conform to the status quo. You are spending on the family, amusement and children. After the 23rd you prosper in unplanned ways. Money can come out of the blue, from an avenue you never expected or had given up hope on.

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