Horoscope Capricorn October 2016

A good month, with much progress in your life, but also a need to balance many conflicting interests. The image of a juggler comes to me. You are juggling your career, the home, and your personal desires. Like the juggler, you can’t hold on to any one thing for too long, as you need a free hand for the next thing.
The planets are more or less evenly divided between the upper and lower portions of your chart. Both your 10th House of Career and your 4th House of Home and Family are strong during this period. Again, there is a juggling act going on between these two areas.
Most of the planets are in the East and most of them are moving forward now. Personal desires and personal happiness are also important. You are more independent now, less reliant on others, and more able to carve out a lifestyle that pleases you. Push forward boldly, as you are being helped.
Changes at the top of the corporate hierarchy are changing the rules of the career game. This creates dangers but also opportunities. You can be promoted now. Your career horizons are expanding. Foreign opportunities are open up. The Moon of the 9th is guiding your career and bringing you clear and accurate information so that you can navigate the waters.
Finances are improving day by day. Stalled deals and projects are moving forwards again. Your financial confidence and judgement are stronger now that your Money Planet (Uranus) is starting to move forward again (on the 23rd). Uranus receives beautiful aspects most of this month – thus money is earned easily and financial goals are easily attained. After the 23rd you have to work harder for earn-ings, but they will be there for you.
A financial conflict with a partner or investor can only be resolved by compromise – the conflict is short term.
Love is status quo this month. Love urges and social grace v are strongest from the 9th to the 24th. But self-assertion and having things your way is not usually conducive to love.
Your health will be good this month, but rest and relax more until the 23rd. Mars in your own Sign after the 17th gives you increased energy, stamina and courage. You become more physically active and sport-orientated. Mind your temper.

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