The decanates of Aquarius


Keyword: Knowledge
Constellation: Delphinus, the Dolphin, ancient savior of the
shipwrecked. The Dolphin symbolizes spirituality.
Planetary subruler: Uranus
Uranus, planet of originality, is both your ruler and subruler, which accentuates your perception and quick mentality. You are capable and intelligent and deal easily with people. Your wit and sense of humor are advantages both socially and in your work. What others may consider obstacles, you think of as challenges.
Finding solutions and a better, quicker way of handling things is what you emphasize. You are intrigued by new problems and need change in your activities to keep you from going stale.
You have an affectionate and kindhearted nature, although a lover may complain of your detachment. This is probably because you try to apply logic to emotional situations. You are fond of analyz-ing why a person behaves in this way or that.


Keyword: Frankness
Constellation: Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish that symbolizes knowledge and fertility of mind. The Fish drinks from the Fountain of Wisdom.
Planetary subruler: Mercury
Mercury, planet of versatility, adds its energy to Aquarius’s Uranus, which gives a liveliness and sparkle to your personality.
You have a spontaneity and genuine warmth that draws others to you. One of your most outstanding traits is your honesty and frankness in speech. People know they can depend on what you say, for you speak your true mind. Mercury bestows a gift for language, and you may have literary interests. You probably have the ability to sum up a person or situation in a clever and witty phrase. You enjoy knowledge for its own sake and are always interested in learning more. You want love to be a consuming and passionate experience, but you are too self-sufficient to be swept away.


Keyword: Association
Constellation: Equuleus, the Little Horse, brother of Pegasus.
The Little Horse symbolizes loyalty and the harnessing of strength.
Planetary subruler: Venus
Venus, planet of sociability, combines with Aquarius’s Uranus to make you the most people-oriented of the three decanates. You have the ability to form ciĆ³se and enduring ties. Often your suc-cess in work comes through other people. You probably have an artistic nature and take pride in making your surroundings as beautiful as you can. You like people who do what they say they will and who show up on time.
In your own life you are careful about details and tend to be critical about the lax ways of others. Travel and new adventure always excite you, for you are a forward-looking person. In love, you are romantic and affectionate and you tend to have a flirtatious eye.

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