The decanates of Aries


Keyword: Inspiration
Constellation: Andromeda, the Chained Woman. She was freed of her chains by Perseus, the Rescuer. The constellation symbolizes the power of love.
Planetary subruler: Mars
Mars is both your ruler and subruler, giving your personality extra force and impact. You are a dominant person and can sometimes be too aggressive. In an argument or clash of wills, you ride right over the opposition. You are impetuous and energetic and tend to throw yourself into activities with all your heart. A persof of conviction, you will never take an action that you think is wrong. You are a clear, incisive thinker and can carry a plan to conclusion. Your best quality is your ability to inspire confidence in others. At times you tire yourself out because you don’t know when to stop. You also tend to monopolize conversations.


Keyword: Innovation
Constellation: Cetus, the Whale or Sea Monster, tied to two fishes and led by a lamb. Cetus symbolizes energy harnessed to imagination and love.
Planetary subruler: Sun
The Sun in this decanate adds to the power of Aries’s Mars, which gives your character dignity, pride, and vitality. You have an ardent and excitable love nature, and your sexual energy is high. The Sun here indicates a great fondness for change. You are never content to take things as they come. Because you are ambitious, you go out and try to put your mark on the world. Others tend to cluster around you, for you have joie de vivre and a magnetic personality. More than the other two decanates of Aries, you seek pleasure out of life. You have a taste for the expensive and can be quite imperious if you don’t get what you want. A liking for too much good food is one of your downfalls.


Keyword: Foresight
Constellation: Cassiopeia, a beautiful queen seated on her throne who symbolizes good judgment. Down through the ages she has been a celestial guide to travelers.
Planetary subruler: Jupiter
The expansive qualities of Jupiter combine with Aries’s Mars to give you a wide or lofty outlook, a love of ambitious ideas and of travel. You resent restriction of any kind and prize your personal freedom. For you, the perfect life is to be successful doing something creative, where you are in charge and call all the shots. Your sdnse of adventure often takes you far from home. You like to find out new information, to explore different fields of knowledge. The occult interests you. You are shrewd and clever in business matters and may possess an insight or sixth sense about other people. There is a warmhearted geniality about you that allows you to make friends easily. At times you can be too extravagant with money.

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