The decanates of Cancer


Keyword: Receptiveness
Constellation: Canis Minor, the Small Dog, who symbolizes reason.
Planetary subruler: Moon
The Moon is both your ruler and subruler, and so you tend to be very receptive and sensitive to other people. You see deeply into human nature, and your insights and guidance are often sought after. You would make an excellent teacher or instructor. Rationality is important to you. Even though you are an emotional person, you are able to sift through facts and arrive at a fair decision. You have an excellent memory for feelings and impressions (both yours and those of others), but ordinary day-to-day details escape you. In relationships, you look for harmony and security. You dislike quarrels and dissension, and any kind of emotional disturbance leaves you depressed. At times you are too moody and pessimistic.


Keyword: Intensity
Constellation: Canis Major, the Great Dog, companion to the mighty hunter Orion. He symbolizes triumph.
Planetary subruler: Pluto
Pluto is the planet of depth and intensity, and combines with your Cancer Moon to give you a forceful yet thoughtful personality. Of the three Cancer decanates, yours is the most mystical and interested in things unseen. People are drawn to your sensitivity and often tell you their secrets. Your intellectual talents are formidable even though your strong feelings predominate when making decisions. Both curious and intuitive, you are able to gather facts and information from all sources and use them for your benefit. In work you are disciplined and practical; in relationships you are the opposite—sentimental, emotional, and often possessive. You have a tendency to become too fixed and rigid once you’ve set your mind.


Keyword: Empathy
Constellation: Argo Navis, the magical ship of adventure that symbolizes strength of mind.
Placed in the heavens by Poseidon to be a guide to travelers on the southern seas.
Planetary subruler: Neptune
The spiritual planet Neptune is your subruler, which joins forces with the Cancerian Moon to accentuate an impressionable and romantic nature. You may be very artistic, and you try to create beauty and harmony around you. Your adaptability to different kinds of people is one of your secrets of success. Many of you are destined for some kind of public life. You have an ability to touch people’s feelings and to form close ties. In love you have deep emotions. You are loyal and protective toward your family and mate, and you believe only the best about them. Cautious and conservative are the words that best describe your approach to problems. Even in the midst of crisis, you look for balance. Often you are prone toward discontent and dissatisfaction.

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