The decanates of Capricorn


Keyword: Responsibility
Constellation: Corona Australis, the Southern Crown, garland
of the gods. The constellation symbolizes commitment to knowledge.
Planetary subruler: Saturn
Saturn, planet of discipline, is both your ruler and subruler, which gives you a serious mien and a talent for handling responsibility. You are precise and orderly and generally don’t trust others to look after details. When you undertake a task you complete it to the best of your ability. Once you’ve set your mind on’a goal, you are relentless and determined. There is a quiet force to your personality; other people are always aware of your presence.” You are both subtle and aggressive; you have an instinct for knowing how far you can push. Ambition usually motivates you, for you are never content to be an underling. Love brings out your affectionate and demonstrative nature. When aroused you are a passionate person.


Keyword: Fairness
Constellation: Lyra, the Harp, formed by the god Mercury from a tortoiseshell. Lyra symbolizes harmony.
Planetary subruler: Venus
Venus, planet of love, softens Saturn’s stern influence and gives a gentleness and serenity to your personality. People respond to your warmth and charm. Venus here also indicates an interest in beauty and design, and perhaps some creative ability. In your work, you are practical and persistent. You are a doer who does not waste precious time. You enjoy periods of solitude to read, think, explore new subjects. Possibly you carry on a large correspondence, for you write well. Travel holds fascination for you. Your lover, family, and friends take first place in your heart; you are devoted to their wants and needs. You are reticent about your feelings. Love is a deep emotion, and you don’t readily speak of it.


Keyword: Honor
Constellation: Draco, the Dragon, the seeing one who guarded the Golden Apples. The Dragon symbolizes observation and intuition.
Planetary subruler: Mercury
Mercury, planet of mental energy, adds impetus to the discipline of Saturn. You have a quick intellect and flexibility of character that allows you to adapt to different people and situations. When you give your word you stick to it; you treat others fairly’and with respect. Friends and admirers are drawn to your spiritual nature. You are an idealist and a dreamer, but when motivated you are also an indefatigable worker. Money and material comforts are important to you, and you usually quickly spot where your best financial interests lie. You are a person of deep desires, though this may not be apparent on the surface. Life is often marked by a struggle to fulfill your inner needs.

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