The decanates of Gemini


Keyword: Ingenuity
Constellation: Lepus, the Hare, who triumphs over enemies by outwitting them.
Planetary subruler: Mercury
Mercury is both your ruler and subruler, and your mental acumen is sharp. You enjoy new ideas and look for chances to express yourself. Your ability to speak or write influences the direction of your life. You have a forceful personality because you are able to decide quickly and then act. Logic and rationality are two rules you live by; you try not to cloud issues by sentimentalizing them. This is not to say you don’t have warm feelings. You have a unique capacity for forming close relationships, and if you love someone you tend to involve yourself completely in that person’s affairs. Underneath you are a tense worrier who suffers and frets: too much. You try to handle all details brilliantly, but often they overwhelm you.


Keyword: Union
Constellation: Orion, the Giant Hunter of magnificent strength’j and beauty. Orion was placed in the heavens to commemorate his great bravery.
Planetary subruler: Venus
Harmonious Venus combines with Gemini’s Mercury to give you i a deft social touch. People respond to your warm and effusive nature. The approval and esteem of others are important to you, and you tend to function best with people rather than as a loner. There is a sense of adventure in your outlook, and you enjoy travel because it exposes you to new experiences. Once you have made up your mind about a pursuit, you eagerly give it your best effort. Sharing is part of your life; you are generous with your time and friendship, and also with possessions. You have a great deal of sex appeal and are ardent in your expression of love. At times you can be argumentative because you are so fond of your own ideas.


Keyword: Reason
Constellation: Auriga, the Charioteer. He was the serpent-footed king who invented the four-wheeled chariot, which symbolizes communication.
Planetary subruler: Uranus
Uranus, planet of knowledge, combines with Gemini’s Mercury to give you clear and perceptive reasoning powers. You are known for your original point of view, and other people often seek your advice. You tend to be intellectual and approach life on a mental rather than an emotional basis. Though you have many friendships and love affairs, it is your mind that must be first engaged before your heart can follow. In your work you take the practical approach and disregard anything you cannot put to use. You are both witty and loquacious and are never reluctant to say what you think. At times you are too demanding and domineering, for you expect others to live up to your high standards.

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