The decanates of Leo


Keyword: Self-expression
Constellation: Ursa Minor, the Small Bear. This is the constellation of the Little Dipper. The Small Bear symbolizes goals and true direction.
Planetary subruler: Sun
The Sun is both your ruler and subruler, and you are doubly under its beneficent influence. You enjoy being in the spotlight and may be known as a colorful personality. You have an artistic flair. You also have a knack for drawing attention because of the way you speak and present yourself. The role of a leader comes easily, for you are able to excite and stimulate others. In general, you don’t keep your feelings to yourself. When you are happy the world knows about it. When you are melancholy you are usually vocal in expressing your moods. You are impulsive in love and tend to follow the dictates of your heart without thinking. At times, you can be very stubborn about wanting your own way.


Keyword: Expansion
Constellation: Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This is the constellation of the Big Dipper. The Great Bear symbolizes wisdom.
Planetary subruler: Jupiter
The expansive planet Jupiter co-rules your decanate with Leo’s Sun, accenting intellectual and visionary qualities. You have a very proud nature and a quick temper. Your ability to dissect problems and see immediately what needs to be done gives you an authority that others respond to. Though you are jovial and good-humored, it’s hard for you to laugh at yourself. You are ambitious, but not just for money; what you want is to know more, to gain in intelligence. While you can do manual labor, you much prefer mental pursuits. Sometimes you are thought of as being brash and overconfident, but this is simply a genuine expression of your enthusiasm and willingness to try.


Keyword: Creativity
Constellation: Hydra, the water-serpent, who symbolizes activism and mental energy.
Planetary subruler: Mars
The aggressive planet Mars combines with Leo’s Sun to underline your impetuousness and willpower. You plunge into new projects with verve, but you want tangible results for your efforts. Day-today routine quickly bores you; you need fresh ideas, new stimulation, and challenge to keep you at your best. Your life is often marked by furious bursts of energy, followed by periods of complete lethargy. In personal relationships, people are never in doubt about where they stand with you. Love may be troublesome because you want it to be perfect and you can be too demanding of a lover. You find waiting very difficult. Since you are outspoken, you dislike secretive people. Sometimes you have a reputation for being temperamental.

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