The decanates of Libra


Keyword: Magnetism
Constellation: Corvus, the Crow, symbolizing idealism and a sense of duty.
Planetary subruler: Venus
Venus is both your ruler and subruler, which intensifies your Libran love for beauty, pleasure, and luxury. You tend to have extravagant tastes and often have trouble holding on to money. Blessed with great social charm, you strive to make an impact. To a large extent, the way you feel about yourself-is determined by how much love you receive from others, and in general you try to achieve your goals through other people. Sometimes you cover up a lack of self confidence by being the aggressor or the one who initiates projects. You have a creative nature that welcomes new ideas, and you are fond of travel. In love you are romantic and impulsive, but you have a tendency to choose lovers who take more than they give.


Keyword: Endurance
Constellation: Centaurus, the Centaur, the magical half man, half horse that symbolizes duality in human beings. Planetary subruler: Uranus
Uranus, planet of the intellect, rules your decanate, giving power to the romantic qualities of Libra’s Venus. Often people are surprised at the sharpness of your mind, since your personality tends to be serene and charming. The Scales (Libra’s symbol) also represent a duality that often makes you feel like two different people. There is a radiance to you, an artistic and original style, matched with a determination to accomplish what you set out to do. You are an independent person, yet you need companionship and love. Endurance and conservatism are hidden in your depths. You are at your best in social situations; this is where you come to life and shine.


Keyword: Order
Constellation: Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, the bridal crown of Ariadne. Christian astronomers called it the Crown of Thorns. Corona Borealis symbolizes achievement.
Planetary subruler: Mercury
The energy and quickness of Mercury join with Libra’s Venus to give you an attention-getting personality. You have both vitality and likeableness, a combination that indicates success working with the public. Your mind is forceful, curious, open to new ideas. In general, you tend to follow your head rather than your heart. You enjoy sifting through information and making a reasonable and balanced judgment. Your pronounced intellectual capabilities are part of your allure; you have much sex appeal and enjoy attention from a wide range of people. Sometimes the depth of your true feeling for a lover is not apparent on the surface. Though you have a talent for the written word, you find it difficult to speak of your emotions.

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