The decanates of Pisces


Keyword: Imagination
Constellation: Pegasus, the Winged Horse who bears the rider of good fortune.
Planetary subruler: Neptune
Neptune, planet of illusion, is both your ruler and subruler, which emphasizes creativity and imagination. There may be involvement in artistic or literary work; you have a talent for expressing your inner thoughts. You are particularly sensitive to the people with whom you share your life.
Discord is unbearable to you, and you will do your best to shield yourself from unpleasantness. Your keen mind is open to ideas, and personal achievement is important to you. Often you must struggle to accentuate positiveness instead of letting negative feelings overwhelm you. You may suffer from physical ailments, but your character is very strong. Love is probably tempestuous, for you have deep pas-


Keyword: Compassion
Constellation: Cygnus, the Swan. Also called the Northern
Cross. The Swan is the celestial symbol of grace and beauty.
Planetary subruler: Moon
The receptive Moon combines with the spiritual influence of Neptune and heightens your awareness of others. You have an uncanny way of knowing what those around you think or feel, and can use this power on a much wider scale. You are, or have the potential to become, well known not only in your circle but in the larger world.
Your observations are keen; you are able to gather ideas or art forms and transform them with your own unique vision. Social occasions enable you to display your special charm with people and a knack for witty conversation that is one of your strong points. You are a romantic at heart, and love is a transforming experience for you. Unfortunately, you don’t find love easy to hold on to.


Keyword: Action
Constellation: Cepheus, the Monarch who rests one foot on the Pole Star. He symbolizes constancy.
Planetary subruler: Pluto
Pluto, planet of power, gives force to Pisces’s Neptune and underlines your need for activity and outlets. You possess imagination and vision; if you harness your energy you can soar to great heights of achievement. Intellectually you are curious and like to explore the unusual or hidden. You are especially drawn to religious, spiritual, or occult matters.
Solitude and periods of withdrawal from others are necessary for you to think, review, and meditate. You have a talent for writing or speaking that can move and influence other people. Your emotions are deep and strong; you understand first with your heart and only then with your head. Love motivates many of your decisions.

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