The decanates of Sagittarius


Keyword: Honesty
Constellation: Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Holder, who as a child vanquished his serpent enemies. Ophiuchus symbolizes victory over adversity.
Planetary subruler: Jupiter
Jupiter, planet of wisdom, is both your ruler and subruler, which accentuates lofty ideals and a love of knowledge. You look for experience and adventure. You want to deepen your understanding of life and are usually a student of human nature. People know they can trust what you tell them, for you are open and aboveboard. In addition, you have a special talent for pleasing others by what you say. You believe strongly in freedom, in the right of each person to choose an individual pathway. Because you have such wide-ranging interests, you may find it hard to commit yourself completely to a marriage or love affair. Emotional discord is extremely distressing to you; you strive to surround yourself with harmonious relationships.


Keyword: Drive
Constellation: Sagitta, the Arrow that killed the eagle who fed upon Prometheus. The Arrow symbolizes the destruction of evil in its path.
Planetary subruler: Mars
Mars, planet of initiative, combines with Jupiter’s expansiveness to give you a courageous and generous nature. You have the rare gift of being able to influence and inspire others. Often the kindnesses you show have a much greater impact than you know. Your life is usually geared toward a goal; your real respect is for achievement. You are dependable, efficient, and thorough when you undertake to do a job. At times you may be discouraged, but the face you show to the world is one of humor and strength of character. You are a person of fierce independence; you want to do things your way, though you will try not to step on any toes. In love you may seem detached, but you are devoted and loyal.


Keyword: Intuition
Constellation: Ara, the Altar of Dionysus (Bacchus). Christian astronomers called it the Altar of Noah. Ara symbolizes unity and triumph.
Planetary subruler: Sun
The Sun, which stands for pride and vitality, joins forces with beneficent Jupiter; together they give great magnetism to your personality and a charming talent for making people laugh. Often your profound intellect is hidden under a social and gregarious exterior. Gifted with intuition and insight, you have a deep capacity for learning and discovering deeper meaning. You enjoy travel and meeting new people, for you want to widen your experience. The world of teaching or writing beckons to you. You have a refined and elegant nature that responds to art and beauty. In love, you are passionate and impulsive. You tend to fall head over heels quickly, but these crushes fade away just as quickly.

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