The decanates of Scorpio


Keyword: Integrity
Constellation: Serpens, the Serpent, symbolizing power and occult knowledge.
Planetary subruler: Pluto
Pluto is both your ruler and subruler, which gives a hypnotic intensity to your personality. You are loyal and steadfast, and others quickly sense they can depend on you. You will stand by a lover long after others in the same situation would let go. Once you let go, however, there is usually no turning back. You have fixed opinions, but also a scientific turn of mind that will examine ideas and arrive at a new opinion should the facts warrant it. You are drawn to the mysterious and the occult, but may keep this a secret. Should you choose to use it, you have great power of self-discipline. Sometimes you let things slide by because you don’t care enough to exert yourself.


Keyword: Regeneration
Constellation: Lupus, the Wolf, held aloft by Centaurus. The Wolf symbolizes offering.
Planetary subruler: Neptune
Neptune, planet of sensitivity, combines with Scorpio’s Pluto to accentuate an idealistic personality. In both work and love, you tend to reach out toward others and give of yourself. You would make a superb teacher, healer, or physician; you have a talent for inspiring and helping others. It is important to you to find deeper meaning in your relationships. You are romantic and intense; love fulfills and completes you. Once you can find contentment in love, you reach your true potential in other areas of life. Generally, your luck comes through other people when you least expect it. You are not a patient person and find it difficult to wait for the slow unfolding of events in your life.


Keyword: Clarification
Constellation: Aquila, the Eagle, whom the Greeks considered the only creature able to outstare the Sun. The Eagle is symbolic of rising above earthly limitations.
Planetary subruler: Moon
The sensuous Moon combines with Scorpio’s Pluto to give an allure to your personality. You are at your best dealing with groups of people, and tend to choose work that projects you into the public eye. Your magnetic social touch wins popularity. Fate seems to thrust you into situations or relationships that you do not pick, but are often the most successful for you. You have a strong sense of ethics, and injustice brings out your fighting spirit. At times you can be moody, especially when the actions of other people discourage you. You have deep emotions that you have difficulty sharing. Once you reveal yourself, you are direct and honest and don’t evade the truth.

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