The decanates of Taurus


Keyword: Acquisition
Constellation: Triangulum, the Triangle, mystic symbol of truth and harmony.
Planetary subruler: Venus
Venus is both your ruler and subruler, and its gracious influence is prominent in your character. Though you have strong likes and dislikes, you are not abrasive about them. You have a charming social touch, and many friends are devoted to you.
Your kind and sympathetic nature is easily imposed on. You have an artistic eye for beauty and design and may possess musical ability. Venus in this decanate indicates a love of beautiful possessions.
Generally, your instinct for value is useful; in time many of your possessions should be worth more than you paid for them. Sometimes you are too acquisitive and materialistic. Your worst faults are your stubbornness and a refusal to venture out into new areas.


Keyword: Evaluation
Constellation: Eridanus, the River Po, a winding current that symbolizes justice.
Planetary subruler: Mercury
Mercury combines with Venus (Taurus’s ruler) to give you an inquisitive mind and a great talent for organization. You are conservative in approach, but also possess intuitive powers that you should use more often. Because you are a determined worker, you inspire trust on the part of others.
You have an instinct for cooperation, but you also need the independence to set your own pace, free from distractions. Your mental powers are very strong, and you can take complex ideas and make them understandable to others. Mercury here bestows an ability to speak and write effectively, perhaps even eloquently. Sometimes you meddle too much into other people’s affairs, and you have a tendency to forget small details.


Keyword: Determination
Constellation: Perseus, the Rescuer, the hero with winged feet and a sword who slew the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus is symbolic of victory.
Planetary subruler: Saturn
The meditative qualities of Saturn combine with harmonious Venus to give you quiet determination and strength of character. People think of you as stable and reliable, for you are not easily deterred once you are set on a goal. You possess an active mind and are keenly observant. Usually you deal with problems by thoroughly analyzing them before you act.
You are not wishy-washy about letting others know where you stand; you’d rather confront a difficulty than evade and worry about it. You have strong, deep feelings, and in romantic relationships are loyal and protective. A fault is that you tend to be too serious. Sometimes you are hurt by what others say because you take things too much to heart.

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