The decanates of Virgo


Keyword: Analysis
Constellation: Crater, the Cup, the goblet of Apollo. The Cup symbolizes emotional giving.
Planetary subruler: Mercury.
Mercury, planet of the mind, is both your ruler and subruler, giving you a formidable intellect. You approach problems rationally; you want to find out the reason things happen, and then apply your knowledge to working out a better system. Often your insights are thought of as prophetic, but they are the result of keen observation. You have a warm and witty personality that draws friends and admirers. However, your standards are high and you expect intelligence and decorum in the people you associate with. In love you are romantic and devoted and have great sensitivity toward a lover. There is much nervous energy churning beneath your surface. You tend to worry secretly and to fuss over small problems.


Keyword: Efficiency
Constellation: Hercules, the strong and virtuous hero who triumphs over evil.
Planetary subruler: Saturn
Saturn, planet of determination, combines with Virgo’s Mercury to give special force to your personality. You are concerned with details and want to plot your moves in advance so there won’t be any mistakes. Though you are versatile and adaptable, most people think of you as persistent and tenacious. Your fixity of purpose is simply that you demand perfection of yourself and try to give your best performance. In truth you are too exacting and suffer needlessly when you don’t live up to your expectations. When you are in love you have a gentle and sympathetic nature, and you do all in your power to please. You are easy to live with as long as no one arouses your strong stubborn streak.


Keyword: Discrimination
Constellation: Bootes, the Bear Driver, the ancient herdsman who every day chased the Great Bear around the North Pole. Bootes symbolizes the utilization of knowledge.
Planetary subruler: Venus
The gregarious and social qualities of Venus combine with Virgo’s Mercury to signify a winning way with people. What motivates you is a desire for approval. You have a special talent for using words and can write and speak charmingly. An artistic flair and use of color is usually present in your surroundings or dress. You possess a sense of style and project a strong personal image. Poise and confidence are assets in your work or career, and you are known for your tact and diplomacy. Since you are unhappy living under restrictions, you are drawn to creative pursuits where you are free to be your own master. In love you are warmhearted and generous, though you demand a lot of attention in return.

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