Horoscope Cancer April 2016

Almost all the planets are in the top half of your chart and 80 per cent of them are moving forward. The focus is on career; outward achievement and progress is swift. Mars, your Career Planet, is retrograde this month, which throws some complications and delays into the picture but of itself doesn’t prevent career success. This poses more of a minor annoyance than any kind of blockage. Your career soars. Superiors recognize your worth. Your status in the world improves this month and will improve even further as the year progresses. The Moon of the 16th is going to clarify career issues in a very detailed way.
All the information you need to take the next steps – specific information – will come to you as the month progresses.
Day by day the short-term planets move ever-more Eastward towards the personal sector of your chart. And though your social sector will never be totally weak, your self-will and independence is getting stronger. No need for utter self-denial anymore, you can take a balanced approach between your own interests and desires and those of others. Yes, you need other people, but you are not totally dependent on them. And though you can’t change all the conditions in your life single-handedly, you do have more creative power in this area than you’ve had recently.
Career, friendships and group activities are the most important interests this month. All seem happy and successful.
The 2nd House of Money is now powerful, and your Financial Planet (the Sun) is prominent. Finances are a high priority and you pursue them through your career and through the attainment of prestige. The Sun in the 10th House shows that you are investing in career issues now as well – some of you are investing in education, business suits or in the general expansion of your business. Though you might not exceed last month’s earnings, this month’s will still be strong.
Parents, elders and authorities are supporting you and providing you with opportunities. After the 21st your Money Planet conjoins Saturn for a few days. This will bring money from partners and social connections, but it also shows a need to save, invest and manage finances better. You might feel squeezed for a few days, but this will be short term. As the Sun moves away from Saturn earnings will improve and the feeling of scarcity will disappear.
Though your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities is not a House of Power, your Love Planet (Saturn) was stimulated by Venus last month, and this month it gets
stimulated by the Sun. This activates your social life and brings romantic opportunity. Romantic opportunities come through the pursuit of financial goals. A business partnership is likely – but of course you must do your homework. Someone rich comes into your life. Rest and relax more until the 20th. Focus on priorities.

Horoscope 2016