Horoscope Cancer August 2016

The unusual Grand Square in the heavens this month, though stressful for the world at large, is basically kind to you. Upheavals in the world will create opportunities for you if you keep your eyes open.
Even the unusual amount of retrograde activity impacts on you less than others. Of course you are going to feel it – we are, after all, organisms in a common environment – but the major areas of life right now, your career and finance, seem unaffected.
Even the Solar Eclipse of the 11th is basically kind to you. It will create some financial changes, but when the dust settles you’ll be in better financial shape than before. Since the Eclipse seems powerful for the world at large, take a reduced schedule.
Mercury going direct on the 6th August brings some positive effects. Communication or transport problems ease up. Domestic and neighbourhood travel gets easier. Relations with siblings improve. You’ll find that you have better judgement and reasoning skills as well.
Those of you in the job market still need patience. The right job is out there for you, but you need to be careful of false starts – jobs that seem ideal but really aren’t.
On the 30th, Saturn, your Love Planet, goes retrograde. This will be a long-term thing. The fizz and sparkle seem to go out of romance. Your social confidence is not as strong as usual. There is excessive caution in love and a desire to overly test it. (You have a natural tendency to test love, but now it is even stronger.) For singles, Saturn will not stop romance but delays things a little and throws in a few minor annoyances and complications. Is your love strong enough to overcome these annoyances? The answer will surprise you.
Though many people around you are not up to par, your personal health seems strong. If you feel under the weather, chances are you’re picking up the vibrations of the surrounding environment – the aches and pains of people around you. Meditation will help you to disengage from these things. We are delicate and complicated organisms. Miraculous in a way. Sometimes only a minor adjustment of thoughts and emotional processes spells the difference between glowing vitality and being a victim of other people’s feelings. Meditation will show you that your feelings are not you.

Horoscope 2016