Horoscope Cancer December 2016

90 per cent of the planets move forward this month and almost all of them are in the Western, social sector of your chart. A month of progress and achievement, but through and from others. Put other people’s interests ahead of your own for a while and watch your success manifest in speedy ways.
Sometimes it is difficult to put other people’s interests first, but when you understand that you are trusting a universal law rather than some human person, the process is
much easier. Of course, putting other people first doesn’t mean that you become a doormat. You should never allow other people to abuse you or to cause you economic or emotional pain. But barring these extreme cases, let them have their way.
The greatest temptation will be to try to make things happen rather than just allowing them to happen. Try to bear in mind that right now the great current of life, not your own efforts, will bring you to your destination.
The planets are still more or less evenly dispersed between the upper and lower halves of your chart. Thus, both career and family issues are important and you will tend to swing towards one or the other at different times. After the 22nd the Sun crosses over into the upper half of your chart and the trend shifts towards a stronger emphasis on your career. As the next few months go by, the upper half of your chart will get stronger and stronger.
Your priorities this month are work, health, love, transformation and making money for others.
Your partner is working very hard on a financial level now. Success can come in unplanned and unexpected ways. Finances are volatile. His or her generosity towards you is also volatile, coming in fits and starts. Until the 22nd money comes from work; after the 22nd through social connections and your partner.
Your health is basically good, but rest and relax more after the 22nd. Avoid overspending on health issues now. The latest miracle diet which appeals to you now will be around next month as well. Stick to what you need.
Love will be happy and active during this period – but especially after the 22nd. Your Love Planet (Saturn) is still retrograde, suggesting caution when it comes to important romantic decisions.

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horoscope for cancer in december 2016