Horoscope Cancer February 2016

Though home, family and domestic issues are always very important, this is a month for focusing on your career and the outer world. There is much planetary support for these activities and you might learn a vital life lesson as well. Your tendency is to hold the dictum that action follows feeling – and you are right, to a degree. But sometimes – and this period is one of them – feeling follows action. Doing right will lead to feeling right. Achieving career ambitions will lead to a happier domestic life. All kinds of career opportunities are being offered right now and you should take them. Those already involved in a career might get new and better offers with another company, or a promotion where you are. You are a hot commodity right now.
A move because of your career is likely after the 21st. Higher career status and more security lead some of you to renovate or expand the home. This is OK, but it would seem wise to delegate the hard work to others. A parent (or someone who is like a parent to you) may move, and seems to come into some stroke of good fortune.
Most of the planets are still in the Western sector of your chart, showing a need to adapt, be flexible and put other’s needs ahead of your own. The planetary power is starting to shift Eastward but you’ve got another month or two to wait. Your good will for now continues to come through others and their grace is vital to your success. Self-assertion will come into play later on.
The Solar Eclipse of the 16th is kind to you, but take a reduced schedule anyway. Looks like it will bring up deep fears and phobias so that you can deal with them and eliminate them. Fear of death seems the most important of these. A therapist or spiritual counsellor can show you the ways and means. Your dream life at this time should not be taken too seriously – the images are not of future events but more in the nature of a housecleaning.
Your health is good all month, but especially after the 19th. Health can be enhanced further by having your thighs, feet and head massaged. Keep your head protected when you go out in the cold.
Love is more or less status quo this month.
Though the Eclipse brings up financial flaws and perhaps causes an unexpected expense, finances will be good this month. After the 19th they will be especially strong. Until then, channel spare cash into repaying debts and making investments that will help you cut costs – technology, automation, the right software and the like. Your Money Planet (the Sun) moving through the 9th House and in harmonious aspect to you (after the 19th) shows financial expansion, optimism and general good fortune. Money comes from foreign lands or through customers in publishing, import-export or multinational corporations. There is luck in speculations and most importantly the revelation of important – and specific – wealth principles.

Horoscope 2016