Horoscope Cancer January 2016

Between 70 and 90 per cent of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart this month, showing an unusual focus on your career and on outward achievement. Feeling right is always important to you, but now a bit less so than normal. You know that if you succeed in the outer world this will put you in your emotional comfort zone and not vice versa.
80 to 90 per cent of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart, making other people and their good opinion ultra-important to you. This is a period where success hinges on the good graces of others and you must avoid self-assertion or power struggles at any cost. Other people’s interests will come ahead of your own.
There is an Eclipse (Lunar) on the 31st in your Money House. And since the Moon is the eclipsed planet this also effects your image and personality. Thus long-term changes are brewing in your image. You are changing the way you dress. The body is being purified. Important changes are being made in your personality.
Long-term financial changes are also taking place – flaws in major purchases or in possessions or investments are surfacing so that you can correct them. Avoid speculations around this period.
There are three important areas of interest this month: the 7th, 8th and 9th Houses are Houses of Power. Thus you will be spending most of your time involved with love and social issues, making money for others, eliminating the useless from your life and partaking in foreign travel, higher education or religious issues.
All of the planets are moving forward this month, showing that great change, progress and forward momentum are happening in your life – but, as we mentioned, this is happening through others and not so much as a result of your own efforts.
Love seems very happy this month. Singles find love at work or through the pursuit of their financial goals. Love could happen at the financial planner’s office, the brokerage or the bank. There is much going out, dating and party- going.
You career is getting better day by day, as Jupiter moves ever closer to the Midheaven of your chart. Your name is being bandied about in discussions of a pay rise or promotion.
Finances are strong, but again this comes through other people and through partners. Social charm and social contacts are ultra-important now. After 20th January you might
want to cut unnecessary expenses or other financial waste from your life. Focus on needs and not on wants. Pay off some debts.

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