Horoscope Cancer July 2016

The planets are still mostly in the East, indicating that you continue in a period of independence and creating conditions as you like them. The dominance in the East is not a strong one, and you are not as independent as you would like to be, but more so than you were earlier in the year.
From the Cosmic point of view a dominance in one sector or another is not good or bad in itself. There is a joy – and lessons to be learned – by being the dealer in the card game. And there are lessons and joys in playing the hand you are dealt. The important thing is to handle each role skilfully and to the best of your ability.
The short-term planets are now energizing the lower half of your chart – a basically pleasing circumstance to you, for they push you more towards family duties and finding the emotional comfort zone. The Sun in your own Sign for most of the month further reinforces your sense of comfort over the coming period. There is great family harmony and psychological progress now. Your emotional sensitivity is stronger than normal.
The important areas of interest are the body, image, personality, sensual desire, finance, friends and personal transformation.
All Lunar Eclipses are significant for you, Cancer, as the Moon is your Ruling Planet. They always produce physical cleansings and changes in your image and personality – a redefinition of your personality. It is good to have these periodic re-definitions so that you can always keep improving. Do take a reduced schedule during this period – about two days before and a day afterward.
This Eclipse also brings temporary upheavals in your partner’s finances, or produces a need to borrow or take on new debt. It could signal an important change in a legal or insurance claim that has been going on – some new and important development is taking place. The issue is moving forward one way or another.
Except for at the time of the Eclipse, your personal health is excellent. Your body shines. Sex appeal is strong. You are spending on yourself – perhaps lavishly. You are taking on the image of opulence, dressing for success. And well you should – finances are spectacular. Wealth might not happen the way you plan, but it will happen. The main challenge now is balancing personal financial interests with those of partners. Your financial interest seems to conflict with theirs. A business partnership can go through a crisis, but your personal earning power is strong. A home could be bought or sold suddenly. But do it before the 12th or wait until next month.
Mercury’s retrograde in your Money House will not stop earnings but cause some delays or minor annoyances. Sales and marketing projects are important during this period, but with Mercury retrograde, you’re better off planning than executing them. Do the research and preparation now and launch the project next month.
Love seems stormy – finances seem the cause.

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