Horoscope Cancer March 2016

As in the past few months, the planets continue to energize the upper half of your chart. Continue to focus on your career. Jupiter, now firmly established in your 10th House, is bringing fabulous career success and opportunity to you. Hard work pays off. There seems no limit to how far you can go now. Saturn’s resistance leaves you on the 1st and Jupiter is expanding your horizons beyond all belief. Only your personal energy can limit you now.
The planets are more or less equally balanced now between the Eastern and Western sectors of your chart. There are times you need to be independent and develop your personal will, and there are times when you need to adapt to others and develop your social skills. No especial tendency either way.
The tremendous power in your Career House seems contradicted by the retrograde of Mars on the 18th. Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all pushing you forward and showing great momentum in your career. Mars retrograde seems to counsel some caution. I read this as a need to take stock after the rush of progress. Those of you who are promoted or offered new and better jobs need to do more homework, studying the new situation. Make haste slowly. Instead of driving forward at 150 miles per hour, go at 100 miles per hour. Understand, Mars retrograde will not stop your career good, only slow it down a bit.
Your health and vitality are especially good until the 21st, after that rest and relax more. With Saturn now moving away from its stressful aspect to you, over the long term, health is much improved over last year.
Love seems unimportant during this period and your love life will probably maintain the status quo. Saturn’s move into Taurus is slowly changing love attitudes. This is a long- term process. Those working towards a second marriage are enjoying a good social life now.
For singles, romantic opportunity seems better after the 18th than before. You find love through friends and social and professional organizations. Astrologers are more alluring now, and perhaps they play a role in finding love.
Finances, though not so important to you now, are nevertheless good. Earnings are increasing. Financial prospects are bright. Optimism is strong. The Moon of the 17th brings important financial information; deep principles are being revealed now.

Horoscope 2016