Horoscope Cancer May 2016

Most of the planets are still above the Horizon so you are still in career mode. Many of these planets, including your Career Planet (Mars) are retrograde, showing you need to do more planning and homework rather than executing career goals. This is a period to improve and perfect your career plans.
Most of the planets are in the East, and though there are still many planets in the West they are all retrograde. Let love and social issues develop as they will; you should focus on the things that make you personally happy. Trying to force social or love issues now is not going to make you any more popular – in fact it could have the opposite effect. Build your life as you want it to be; you are in control by default. Don’t let the indecision and vacillation of others interfere with your personal happiness.
The dominant interests this month are career, friendships, group activities, organizations and spirituality.
Many planets in your 12th House, and the speed with which your 12th House Ruler (Mercury) moves, show that
you are making quick spiritual progress. ESP is strong and you have confidence in it. Your ability to interpret dreams and other psychic signals is very much enhanced. Charitable and volunteer activities are happy and satisfying.
A good month to review the past year and set new goals for the coming year, which will begin on your birthday.
In spite of all of the social delays, your love life is basically happy. A current relationship becomes more romantic, and singles have abundant romantic opportunity. Group activities, friends, spiritual seminars, prayer meetings and the pursuit of financial goals all lead to love. Venus in your own Sign from the 8th onwards makes you more attractive – lending grace, charm, glamour and style to your appearance. A good month to buy clothing, jewellery or other personal accessories. A month for beautifying your image.
Family burdens are light and easy to handle this month.
Finances are strong as well. Your Money Planet (the Sun) in Taurus until the 21st suggests financial conservatism, but also stability and security. You are a savvy shopper and investor during this period. You buy quality but you don’t overpay for it. The Sun’s conjunction with Saturn further reinforces this, and also shows that money or financial opportunity comes from your spouse or partner and social connections. For many of you this indicates investment in friends and friendship – this is like money in the bank – though you won’t see the dividends until later on. The Sun’s move into Gemini on the 21st indicates more charitable giving, and spending on spiritual studies. It shows a greater reliance on financial intuition rather than everyday logic.

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