Horoscope Cancer November 2016

Almost all of the planets are in the West after the 9th; the two still left in the East are retrograde. Personal happiness should be seen as a side-effect of social harmony, not as a goal in itself. Adapt, compromise and seek consensus in all that you do and your good will come through others. Mars (your Career Planet) in your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities further reinforces this. In your drive for popularity and social acceptance never forget who you are – a child of the most high and worthy of all good. This is the major danger during this period: adapt and be popular, but don’t be a doormat.
The planets are still more or less evenly distributed between the upper and lower halves of your chart. Thus career and family issues are about equal in importance. Sometimes in order to feel emotional harmony you will have to achieve in the world; sometimes to achieve in the world you will have to find your point of emotional harmony. One plays into the other.
Your Career Planet is in your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities for most of the month. Thus you are socializing with the high and mighty – people of authority and social status. Career aspirations are social in nature; that is, professional status is only important because it unlocks the doors to certain social spheres. Singles are attracted to people who can help their career or otherwise boost their social status. Your social ability is a big factor in whether or not you get promoted. Though you are good at what you do, superiors are judging your likability.
There is much aggressiveness in love now. A fearless attitude that doesn’t take no for an answer. A no is only the beginning of your next move.
After the 26th Mars moves into your 8th House and makes important conjunctions with Neptune and Uranus. Thus there is an important re-invention and change of your public image. You are letting go of attitudes and behaviours that are no longer necessary – perhaps they were holding you back – and focusing on the new image you want to create. An opportunity for further education and perhaps a greater idealism will come to you.
Your health is good all month.
Job-seekers meet with success after the 22nd.
Mercury’s retrograde shows a need to avoid needless short-term travel, to have your car and computers checked out and to be more patient with the post office. Communications tend to get more fouled up during Mercury retrograde periods.

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