Horoscope Cancer September 2016

Most of the planets are below the Horizon of your chart, and your 4th House of Home and Family is an important House of Power. Thus you are doing what you most love to do – being the good family person, working to feel right and lavishing attention on hearth and home. When the Cosmos plays to your strength, success is the usual result.
In spite of your attention to family, your career gets a surprising boost this month as your Career Planet (Mars) goes conjunct the Lord of the 5th House. A creative idea boosts your status. Going the extra mile at work gets the attention of your superiors. A career gamble pays off. Your ability to understand children – their needs, wants and tastes – becomes a marketable commodity. The Moon of the 25th also tends to boost your career.
Job-seekers enjoy good fortune during this period. Work is hectic but fun. There are parties and entertainment at the workplace – or perhaps with co-workers.
Finances are getting better during this period – especially after the 11th as Venus starts moving forward in your House of Money. Friends and social connections are like money in the bank. A friend changes his or her opinion of a financial project. Women are especially helpful in achieving your financial goals. Organizational meetings and seminars provide financial opportunity. Good use of the media boosts your bank balance. Sales and marketing in general are important during this period.
Love is complicated, but getting less so, as Venus starts moving forward again. But your Love Planet (Saturn) still retrograde shows the need to let love develop as it will with
a minimum of force. Your Love Planet receives beautiful aspects most of the month, so love is happier than it has been for a while. Romantic opportunities come from friends, neighbours and organizations. You find traditional, conservative-type people the most attractive.
Your health is good, but rest and relax more after the 23rd. For those of you contemplating cosmetic surgery, this is a good period for it. Other types of surgery require a second opinion. Diets and health and detox regimes go well.

Horoscope 2016