Horoscope Capricorn April 2016

The planetary power continues to energize the lower half of your chart, indicating the continued importance of emotional, family and domestic issues. Your career, though happy, is more or less keeping to the status quo. The 4th House of Home and Family also happens to be the most powerful of the Houses this month, further reinforcing your subjective orientation. Moves, changes of residence, renovations, fortunate purchases or sales of the home, favourable family relations are still happening. The retrograde of Mars indicates that there are some minor annoyances and delays to be dealt with. But happiness in the home, and family support, will not be obstructed. Children and children’s issues are also emphasized this month. Relations with children are happy and you have a knack for getting on with them.
Capricorns in general are a sober, mature species. Even Capricorn children are mature beyond their years. But this
month (and for the next few years) there is a new childlike quality about you – the inner child gets released. You are more playful and youthful. Hence, your ability to understand and get on with children.
Capricorns are not normally speculator types, but this month – especially after the 20th – this quality is stronger than usual. You don’t need an astrologer to tell you not to be rash, you know this already. You-r risks will be well calculated and well hedged. Property speculation attracts you.
Finances are stronger before the 20th than afterwards. After the 20th, personal desires and the urge for fun conflict with money-making activities. The focus on children could divert your attention from the source of your earnings. This conflict is a long-term thing but especially pronounced during this period. Your interest in children could help to motivate the lack of ambition with many of you. You pursue career goals, though you don’t feel like it, because of your duty to them.
Mars and Pluto retrograde show there are some complications with friends and perhaps with an organization to which you belong. Be patient, only time will straighten this out.
Mercury going forward helps job-seekers tremendously. A foreign trip could materialize now.
The Moon of the 16th is going to clarify many family and emotional issues as the month progresses. This is another reason why this is an area of great progress and success. The Moon of the 30th gives you extra energy to attain your social and organizational goals. And, with Mars and Pluto both retrograde you need all the extra energy and help you can get.

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