Horoscope Capricorn August 2016

Saturn, your Ruling Planet, will start to retrograde on the 30th. Most of the planets are in the West. The message is clear: make love, not war. Avoid self-assertion, self-will, and too much independence. ‘Me first’ attitudes don’t work during this period. Your way may not be the best way – though you can justify it with all kinds of logic.
Always cautious, this is a period to be even more so. When in doubt, do nothing. Many changes and upheavals are happening in the world and it is not yet clear what the final pattern will be.
The Grand Square in the Heavens seems kindly disposed to you, though it can wreak some havoc in the world at large. The Solar Eclipse of the 11th is basically kind as well – though it could force some changes in your personality and image. Take a reduced schedule on the 11th.
The Solar Eclipse of the 11th will not necessarily cause any death in your life or those of loved ones, but it can bring up the psychological fear of death – fear that has been planted in the unconscious through umpteen million years of evolution. Those who meditate or who are otherwise on a spiritual path will have the tools to deal with these things. Others can discuss their fear with a spiritual counsellor. The dream life will be abnormally active but not too much stock should be put in these things. Most of it is just psychic debris being stirred up by the Eclipse.
Finances are stormy and erratic during this period. There is much conflict about financial issues – especially with your spouse or partner, or business colleague. Compromise and time will resolve things. Don’t overspend, and study major purchases or investments carefully. Things are so chaotic and changeable that it is difficult to make a rational decision. Speculations should be avoided. This is a period for perfecting products and plans.
Love is happy now, but not that important to you. I interpret this as satisfaction with the status quo. Singles find love opportunities with co-workers or at the job. Venus’s retrograde, which is complicating the love life of millions of people, seems to favour you. Dissatisfactions in other relationships are opening the field for you.
Foreign travel is much more felicitous this month than last month. Try to schedule these things after the 6th. Still, allow more time than usual.
Your health is good all month, but especially after the 23rd.

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