Horoscope Capricorn December 2016

The planets are in the East, 90 per cent of them move forward, and the Sun moves into your own Sign on the 22nd. Looks like a happy birthday and a happy new year. The thrust now is on personal happiness and the fulfilment of sensual desires. This is a time for getting your way and for building conditions as you like them to be. If others don’t co-operate, you have the energy and the help to go it alone if necessary. Others are adapting to you. Push forward boldly now, as the forces are with you.
Your health is going to be excellent – more than excellent – all month. The Sun’s entry into your own Sign brings sex appeal, heightened libido, and a depth and penetration into things.
The planets are equally dispersed (more or less) between the upper and lower halves of your chart. This indicates a need to balance home and career, inner and outer objectives, right feeling with right doing. The Moon’s position will tip the balance one way or the other. From the 10th to the 23rd the Moon will push you towards right feeling and finding your point of emotional harmony. From the 23rd onwards (and until the 10th January) it will push you towards outward achievement and right doing.
Many planets in the 12th House this month show a need to review the past year, pat yourself on the back for successes, and make note of failures. Past mistakes should be corrected, new goals should be set. Thus you will start the New Year off right – with clear direction and a clean slate.
Finances are active and powerful – but very volatile, much like last month. Earnings can skyrocket this month, but not in the planned or expected way. The volatility of earnings is probably the major stress during this period. Investors are more speculative and uncharacteristically risk- taking. Financial activities interfere with personal desires and many of the things you really want to do.
Love is status quo. Social urges will be strongest from the 7th to the 22nd. The Moon of the 7th explains your dream life and deep spiritual issues. The Moon of the 22nd gives you extra energy to achieve social goals. An unusually strong romantic day.

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