Horoscope Capricorn February 2016

With 70 to 80 per cent of the planets focused in the lower half of your chart, your normally strong ambitions are in temporary abeyance. Some of you might feel concerned about this. Lack of ambition to a Capricorn is considered a serious malaise – like being down with flu or pneumonia. But have no fear, these feelings are perfectly normal. It is the Cosmos telling you to shore up your home base, find your emotional comfort zone, repair family relationships and build the inner foundations for career success.
This is a month for psychological progress rather than career achievement. And, with all of the planets moving forward, there will be great success here.
Most of the planets are still in the Eastern half of your chart, indicating the power and ability to go it alone. You have independence and a sense of your own needs. You can create conditions as you like them and the Cosmos will support this. Others will have to adapt to you. This is a month for making karma rather than paying it off.
The Solar Eclipse of the 16th is kind to you, but take a reduced schedule anyway. It affects your financial life and causes long-term changes there. Various scenarios could occur – much depends on your personal horoscope (drawn up according to your precise date and time of birth). Flaws in an investment or in your overall portfolio come to light, forcing you to make changes. The relationship with your bank manager or broker could change. A contract is not what you thought it was. A major purchase was not what you thought it was. A sudden expense could come, showing you that your financial plans were inadequate and forcing you to make changes. When the dust settles, finances will be better than before. Your financial energy and genius are exceptionally strong and well able to weather an Eclipse. What is even more likely to happen is that the upheavals caused by the Eclipse actually create financial opportunities for you.
Jupiter’s move into your 4th House on the 13th shows a move or expansion of the residence. This is a good month to
be doing this kind of thing, as your interests are home-ori- entated now. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a fortunate sale or purchase of a home, or if major good fortune came from family members or through a family connection. Family relations are getting much happier now.
Love is status quo this month. The Cosmos does not push you one way or the other.
Your health is basically excellent and getting better. Excess of the good life (and there will be plenty of opportunities for this) should be avoided. Women of child-bearing age are much more fertile now. Important planets are moving through your 3rd House after the 19th. The Lord of the 8th (The Sun) moving through there as well indicated that you need to get rid of excess communication equipment to make room for the new and better that is coming in. Control of speech becomes more important.

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