Horoscope Capricorn January 2016

80 to 90 per cent of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your Horoscope. This is the sector of the Self, of self-will, independence and getting your own way in life. When this sector dominates there is a me-first attitude and focus on one’s own perspective and desires. When overdone, it can lead to selfishness and excessive egotism. And this is the danger during this period. But when this energy is used properly, it gives ability to create one’s own conditions and circumstances with little need to adapt to others. Others will adapt to you. Thus you are getting your way and almost all the Cosmic forces are supporting you. You will understand the biblical expression, ‘one with God is a Majority. If the Heavenly Legions are behind you, you are a majority regardless of how many humans are arrayed against you.
Further, all the planets are moving forward, showing great forward momentum in your life and much personal progress. Both the Cosmic and your Personal Solar Cycles are waxing, giving you even more energy for your goals. No question about it, push forward boldly toward your heart’s desire. Launch all those new projects now. Execute your plans.
This month the planetary power made an important shift to the lower half of your chart. Thus emotional and family
issues are becoming ever-more important. The conditions you are now creating should include a stable and happy home base.
The most important interests this month are the body, the image and sensual pleasures; finance; and, later on in the month, intellectual interests, siblings and communication.
Three powerful planets move though your own Sign, giving you energy, personal magnetism, sex appeal and an aura of mystery and glamour. As a consequence, your health will be good all month. Those of you who have had health problems in the past should be hearing good news.
You are unusually attractive, but seem little interested in anything serious. Oh, a quick fling here or there turns you on, but not anything too time-consuming.
The 2nd House of Finance is by far the strongest and most important area of life now. Earnings are explosive. Customers erupt out of nowhere – suddenly. You have an opportunity to pay off all debts after the 20th – and this too happens suddenly. One week you are bogged down in debt, the next, completely debt-free. Someone remembers you in their Will. You profit from turn-around situations – distressed properties or companies. Important earnings opportunities come – and financial ideas and connections are abundant. Enjoy.

Horoscope 2016