Horoscope Capricorn July 2016

The many retrogrades this month are a mixed blessing. In certain areas they actually helping you; in others, they complicate your life.
Socially, they are helping you. You have many planets in the Western sector now and your Love Planet (the Moon) moves forward. Social issues go forward for you, though many others are experiencing setbacks and disappointments. You need the grace of others this month, but your social grace is equal to the task. Your social judgement and perception are unusually good. Love blooms. Romantic opportunities are abundant. The only fly in the ointment is the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th, which will create an upheaval or reveal flaws in a present relationship. In many cases it will create a change in the marital status. Singles will decide to marry. Marrieds will decide to split up. The Moon of the 13th is guiding all your social and love decisions this month, bringing you all the inside information you need to make the right choices.
Most of the planets are above the Horizon, making you more ambitious than ever. But in career, the retrogrades are complicating your life, for your Career Planet (Venus) goes retrograde at the end of the month. The urges are there but progress is slow. Secret development is taking place behind the scenes. Use delays to perfect your goals and plans. The need for higher education to further your career is indicated; this could be the reason for the delay.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 28th is kind to you, but take a reduced schedule on that day. Its major impact is on finances, and it adds to the other stress that we see. This is not your best financial month by any means. There could be sudden setbacks; financial conflicts with partners or shareholders; a general need to work harder to attain financial goals. Debt could be a problem. Go the extra mile for customers and clients this month. The good part of this is that you get a chance to exercise your financial genius – no one has as much as you do, Capricorn.
Your health is good all month, but especially after the 23rd. Don’t make major changes in your health regime after the 12th, nor should you change doctors too hastily.
The retrograde of Mercury on the 12th affects job-seekers and employers. Employees could seem strange or funny during this period. Their minds are not fully on the job. Job- seekers need to do more homework, as job offers are not what they seem. Finding work is harder right now.

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