Horoscope Capricorn March 2016

This month the short-term planets are shifting from the Eastern to the Western sectors of your Horoscope. This signifies a psychological shift – though not too drastic – in your orientation. Though you are still very independent and self- sufficient, there is a need to hone and cultivate your social skills, to sell your programme to others and to win their cooperation and grace. It’s not so much that you are dependent on others (there are still four long-term planets in the East) but you need to reach out more.
Though the Moon of the 31st will give you extra energy to attain career goals, the 1 Oth House of Career is not a House of Power during this period. The need is to establish solid psychological roots and deep foundations upon which future career growth can rest. There is much pleasure and success in these issues – for the year and for this particular month. Moods are upbeat, positive and optimistic. There is something to be said for the simple pleasures of home and hearth. Family members are giving you great emotional support. A move, purchase or sale of a home, renovation or property speculation are all very happy and fruitful – though try to do these things before the 10th, otherwise wait until next month.
Saturn, your Ruling Planet, moves into your 5th House this month (1st March). This shows a major long-term shift in orientation. You have enough money, and career success, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of these boons. It’s time to party and have fun. It’s time for personal pleasure. It’s time to make babies (physical or mental) and to enjoy them. The major challenge, of course, will be to balance financial issues with your need for fun. But if anyone knows how to balance things it’s you, Capricorn. By disposition you are more likely to swing in favour of financial security. You are more likely to self-deny than to jeopardize earnings or financial health. But don’t go too far into self-denial.
Finances are good this month, but you are getting a little jaded with mere wealth, as mentioned. The temptations of the marketplace are not as alluring as they have been in the past few years.
Mercury’s retrograde on the 10th shows a need for caution by both job-seekers and employers. Job-seekers need to do their homework on any job offers and not commit to anything until they are completely sure of all the details. Things are not what they seem. Employers need to check the
background of prospective employees more thoroughly. Problems with employees are probably short term. Avoid making anyone redundant until next month when the situation becomes clearer.
Though overall your health is good, rest and relax more after the 21st.
Status quo prevails in love or a current relationship. New romantic opportunities of a non-serious nature are plentiful.

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