Horoscope Capricorn May 2016

The planets are still mostly below the Horizon, so continue to build and enhance your home base. Let career activities flow from a place of harmony in yourself. Promote the careers of family members and your own career will naturally improve.
Most of the planets are in the social sector of your chart, and the ones that are still in the personal sector are retrograde. Avoid power struggles, undue self-assertion, and wilfulness. Take a low profile and flow with life. Let the current take you to your destination with as little resistance as possible. Adapt, compromise and ‘agree with thine adversary quickly’. Your good comes from others now.
A good period though for planning and perfecting personal goals and personal lifestyle. Execute later on when the planets move back to the Eastern sector.
The most dominant interests during this period are home and family; children, fun, creativity, entertainment; work, health, and love.
Finances are stressful. There are delays, conflicts and minor annoyances. Oh, the money flows in, but you are working harder for it than usual. Cost-cutting is necessary but a struggle. Discerning what is fat and what is meat is difficult. Debt could be a problem. But most of this is short term; by the 21st finances are more or less back to normal.
Power in the 5th House early in the month brings romantic opportunities and parties, but not serious things. Libido is strong. Sensual fantasies are fulfilled. Personal pleasures distract from the more serious business of money-making. But after the 21st you become more serious. Take hold. Job-seekers find work pretty easily. Employers find the employees they need. A job change is likely but it is happy.
Your health is excellent this month, a good health period in a good health year. There is much focus on preventatives, like diet and exercise and perhaps visits to health practitioners. Many of you might go for that annual check-up. The Moon of the 15th not only clarifies personal health issues but brings new knowledge about healing and fitness as well.
Singles find love at parties, the workplace and with those involved in their career. Love could come through an introduction made by someone involved in your career – a boss or superior – or even a parent. But as mentioned, it doesn’t look serious. There is more socializing with successful people of high status.

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