Horoscope Capricorn November 2016

Mars in your own Sign, and most of the planets in the East, are making you both energetic and self-willed now. You are ultra-independent and if you don’t get your way you’ll pick up your marbles and go home. On the positive side, this gives you plenty of drive and wherewithal to create your own conditions and circumstances. Your own self-interest is the priority now. Others will adapt to you. On the negative end, your temper is more volatile and your tongue sharper than usual. If power struggles are necessary, this is the period to get them over with. The planetary power favours you.
The planets are still equally distributed between the upper and lower halves of your chart. Pursue your career and also take care of family responsibilities. You can’t go too far in either direction. Mars, your Family Planet, and Venus, your Career Planet, are both prominent in this month’s chart as well – reinforcing the above.
Mars in your own Sign makes you feel that the family owns and controls you, that you are not your own person. On the positive side, this helps you to express feelings more openly and excel in sport and exercise regimes. You are unusually physically active now.
Venus will cross the Midheaven of your chart after the 9th, making it the most elevated planet in your chart. Venus is powerful in its own Sign of Libra and thus your career will blossom. You enjoy the favour of the rich, powerful and
prominent. Social status is boosted. The only problem, as mentioned, is the pull of family obligations.
Your health is basically excellent this month, though Mercury’s retrograde could complicate matters. You could misread a medical diagnosis, or your health professional could be in error about a diagnosis. Major changes in your health regime should be avoided from the 5th to the 25th, as things are not what they seem. Job-seekers, too, need to be more careful during this period. A dream job is not what it is cut out to be. Do your homework and don’t commit until you’re inwardly sure of all the answers.
The Moon of the 8th brings technological information and clarifies a relationship with a friend or organization to which you belong. The way to manifest your fondest hopes and wishes will be revealed as the month progresses. The Moon of the 23rd gives you the energy to achieve your health and work goals.
Love is status quo this month. Your temper will not help things, either. Friendship seems more important than romance right now.
Finances are strong and get even stronger after the 26th. Earnings could explode in unexpected and unplanned ways: a fortunate sale of some goods, a lucky trade, a lucrative property venture, or some investment in high-tech goods. You pursue financial goals aggressively and fearlessly. Early in the month you need to work harder than usual for your money, but the energy is there for it.

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