Horoscope Capricorn September 2016

The planets are mostly above the Horizon now, and two important planets will cross the Midheaven of your Horoscope this month. This is one of the most important career periods in your year.
When Mercury crosses the Midheaven point on the 16th, your career is boosted through hard work, education, and looking to global markets for expansion. There is a need – and an ability – to expand your career Horizons – to think big. When the Sun moves over this point on the 23rd, there is a need to fine-tune and focus. Perhaps your energy is scattered over too many areas or projects. Perhaps your focus is diverted away from your core career interests. Now is the time to select a few markets, clients or areas of expertise and focus on these.
The Sun is also Lord of your 8th House. Thus, it is a good time to reinvent your public image now. Understand that reinvention and change are continuing processes. Your body is constantly doing this. Nature is constantly doing this. A healthy company or career is always a work in progress – always being re-invented. There are times when these activities go better than they do at other times. This is one of the times when they do.
But the month is not all hard work and ambition. Power in the 9th House shows a lot of happiness, optimism, foreign travel and learning. A family member is off travelling – and off the beaten path as well. Legal issues will go well. University students derive happiness and pleasure from their studies. Many students are forced to narrow their focus – to select and focus on their core educational interests now.
Love is mostly status quo this month. You have the freedom to shape this area as you will – but not the interest.
Finances are good, but major developments are still happening behind the scenes. There is still a need for caution and doing homework, of perfecting plans and projects. Earnings will increase after the 16th as elders, bosses and superiors support your financial goals. Career status boosts your bank balance. A pay rise or promotion could also increase income.
Health is excellent all month, but rest and relax more after the 23rd.

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